Presentation of the lines of chocolate eggs

The chocolate products of the TASTY KINGDOM factory quickly won the interest of buyers due to their taste characteristics, natural ingredients and an affordable price.

The first product with which we entered the market at the beginning of 2019 was 3 types of chocolate eggs for children, consisting of two halves – one with a toy, the other with delicious chocolate paste.

TIPPY Chocolate Egg for Boys contains chocolate and banana milk spread in one half; a spoon, a warrior toy and a printed annotation depicting the entire series in the second half.

The ZAZU series for girls contains chocolate and strawberry-milk paste in one half, the second contains a toy in the shape of an animal.

Funny toys ZAZU live in a magical forest and glow in the dark like stars. Find out what color your new friend shines and collect the entire collection of ZAZU glowing toys!

The ZOO series is designed for both girls and boys, and contains chocolate and vanilla milk paste in one half and an original collapsible toy in the form of an animal in the other. The ZOO series toy also performs a useful function – it can be used as an eraser.

March 2019